Nov. 19th, 2021 (GMT +8)

Admission of Participants

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Admission of Participants


Opening Address

Part I: Keynote Session

Time: 9:05-14:00




Title: Micro-/nano-structured Nanocomposites and Foams

Speaker: Professor Patrick C. Lee, The University of Toronto, Canada


Title: A Review on the Multiphase Flow with Self-Driven Particles

Speaker: Professor Jianzhong Lin, Zhejiang University, China


Title: Improving the Efficiency of Machine Drive Systems with the Use of Controlled Mechanical Resonance

Speaker: Professor Wieslaw Fiebig, Wroclaw University of Science and Technology, Poland


Title: A Nonlinear Framework of Layered Intelligence for Video-based Recognition

Speaker: Professor Wenfeng Wang, School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Shanghai Institute of Technology, China


Lunch Break


Title: Experimental Investigation on AA7075/BΔC/ZrC Hybrid Nano Composite Fabricated by Powder Metallurgy Techniques

Speaker: Professor Krishna Murari Pandey, National Institute of Technology Silchar, India.

Part II: Oral Session

Time: 14:00-17:00

Oral Session 1: Mechanical Engineering and Materials

Time: 14:00-15:45




MEM-21-105 Design and Implementation of a High Precision Stewart Platform for a Space Camera

Fengchao Liang, Shuang Tan, Jiankai Fan, Zhe Lin and Xiaojun Kang


MEM-21-106 Parametric and Metallurgical Investigation of Modified 3D AM 80 HD Steel for Wire and Arc Additive Manufacturing

Zidong Lin, Kaijie Song, Wei Ya and Xinghua Yu


MEM-21-125 Achieving Mechanical and Conductive Anisotropy in Carbon Nanotubes/Cu Composites

Diabo Enana Rodophe Olivier


MEM-21-150 Mathematical Principle Analysis of Separation Point Prediction

Peng Yue and Jinghui Zhang


MEM-21-166 Microstructure Evolution and Coarsening of θʹ-Al2Cu Precipitates in a Creep Aged Al-Cu-Mn Alloy

Soban Muddassir Dar, Yutao Zhao, Hengcheng Liao and Xizhou Kai


MEM-21-177 Effect of Shell Temperature on Thermal Resistance and Junction Temperature for Power Diode

Fan Chen


MEM-21-218 Research on the Response Characteristics of Bio-Inspired Composite Sandwich Structure under Low Velocity Impact

Peng Hao, Lin’an Li and Jianxun Du

Oral Session 2: Fluid and Chemical Engineering

Time: 15:45-17:00




FCE-21-F118 Review of Calibration and Improvement Methods of Light-Scattering Airborne Particle Concentration

Zhiliang Gao


FCE-21-F127 Density Functional Theory Study of Hydrogen Adsorption on Pt Pd/γ-Al2O3 Surface

Liang Zhang, Jia Li, Yong Chen, Cheng Zeng, Wu Kang, Panxing Yang, Ru Xiong and Jinhong Liu


FCE-21-F130 Fluid-Structure Interaction Approach to Single Particle in a Square Microchannel

Xiang Li and Ying Lin


FCE-21-F132 Numerical Simulation on Gas-Solid Two-Phase Flow in Horizontal Pneumatic Conveying Pipe Based on DPM Model

Zihan Guo


FCE-21-F137 Feasibility of Boosting Low-Energy-Quality Steam by Using Wave Rotor

Yuqiang Dai, Zhipeng Tang, Mohan Li, Gang Hao, Luwei Zhang and Jintao Wu

Part III: e-Poster Session

Time: All Day   You can click the Paper ID to view the full content of the e-Poster of ICMEM 2021


Low Viscosity Epoxy Structural Adhesive Cured at Room Temperature for Crack Repair of Subway Tunnel

Ming Xiao, Xiaojiang Su, Huaqing Rong, Shuguang Bi, Jiagong Tang, Xianmeng Luo and Jianhua Ran


A Review of Dynamic-Tribological Simulation Methods for Sliding Bearings in Internal Combustion Engines

Dehui Tong, Ziyu Diao, Nannan Sun, Xiangning Du, Yanyan Zhang and Zhentao Liu


Research on High Precision Rapid Online Measurement System of Crankshaft Based on Multi-station

Tingting Gu, Xiaoming Qian and Peihuang Lou


Effects of Oxygen Vacancies on Dielectric Properties and Relaxor Behavior of Ba(ZrxTi1-x)O3 Ceramics

Xiang Li, Zheng Sun, Yuan Zhang, Dianchen Huang and Jitao Hu


Numerical Simulation and Experimental Study on Rotary Cold Extrusion Forming of Screw Rod

Peiai Li, Baoyu Wang and Jiapeng Wang


Experimental and Numerical Study on Long-Life and Progressive Damage in Laminates in Open-Hole Compression Tests

Zongmiao Dai, Liu Liu, Shaojuan Lu, Wangnan Li, Guijie Liang, Jingyang Wang, Zhicheng Zhong and Xuefeng Peng


Study on Fatigue Performance of Non-Uniform Thickness Markless Laser Lap Welding

Huijuan Song, Longhua Zhang, Ke Niu and Gnativ Marina Petrovna


Formability Difference between TC4 Titanium Alloy Hollow Shaft and AISI 1045 Steel Hollow Shaft Formed by Cross Wedge Rolling with a Mandrel

Pengni Feng, Baoyu Wang, Cuiping Yang and Huibo Zhang


Strain Sensing Elastic Core-Spun Yarns Based on Long Silver Nanowires

Liping Jia, Qi Zeng, Quanquan Zhu, Runxuan Cai, Wei Guo, Jianhua Ran, Shuguang Bi and Shiwei Li


Preparation of IC21 Spherical Powders by PREP Process

Qingxiang Wang, Zhu Zhen and Shujin Liang


A Predictive Model of Dimensional Deviation Based on Regeneration PSO-SVR with Cutting Feature Weight in Milling

Hang Yao, Bin Luo, Jing Li, Kaifu Zhang and Zhiyue Cao


Calculation Method of Working Rotational Angle of Automobile Transmission System and Its Applications

Yongzhuo Li, Chunyan Lang, Zilong Tian and Zhiyuan Chen


Finite Element Analysis on Behavior of Reinforced Hollow High Strength Concrete Filled Square Steel Tube Short Columns under Axial Compression

Z J Yang, X Li, G C Li and S C Peng


Numerical Simulation Analysis of Flow and Heat Transfer in Medium Temperature Boiler

Na Sun and Hexu Yang


Study on the Mechanical Characteristics of the Screw Driving Torque during the Emptying of the Shield Soil Bin

Xingchun Li, Yi Yang, Xinggao Li, Weilin Su, Zhi Liu and Yue Fu


Research Progress of Springback in Multi-Point Forming of Sheet Metal

Xinqi Li and Shicheng Hu


Interfacial Reaction-Induced Defect Engineering: Enhanced Visible and Near-Infrared Absorption of Wide Band Gap Metal Oxides with Abundant Oxygen Vacancies

Fugong Qi, Zhenwen Yang, Ying Wang and Huijun Li


Automated Solving Algorithm and Application for Oriented Bounding Box Based on Principal Axis of Inertia

Wenguo Zhang, Le Zhang, Pei Lei and Xiaobo Jin


Design and Mechanical Properties of a New Clamp-Type Carbon Fiber Materials Tension Anchoring System

Xianwei Wang, Bo Liu, Shengyong Hu and Longsheng Bao


A New Method of Manufacturing Hollow Shafts via Flexible Skew Rolling

Xiaoqing Cao, Baoyu Wang, Wei Guo and Zhidong Ju


Effect of Temperature on Tensile Curve of Polyaspartic Ester Polyurea and Its Activation Energy Analysis

Jian Zhang, Junxue Zhai, Xijuan Zhao, Jinjian Lin, Qingguo Wang and Aihua Du


Strategy and Technique of High Efficiency Balancing in Field for Turbo-Generator Units with Large Capacity

Wenfang Cai, Songyuan Lu, Zhengfeng Wu, Guangyao Ying and Wenjian Wu


The Analysis of a Generator Shaft Crack Cause by Torsional Vibration due to SSR

Wenfang Cai, Guangyao Ying, Weijun Li and Zaihua Wang


Influence Mechanism of Electromechanical Parameters on Transient Dynamics of FWD-EVs: Part Ⅰ: Co-Modeling of IWM and Vehicle System

Zhe Li, Qin Ba, Yang Ou, Yi Wang, Zhichao Zhao, Jie Fan, Bo Deng and Peng Wang


Experimental Study on Statistic Failure Properties of Composite Considering Temperature Effect

Zhun Liu, Xiaoning Zhao, Xuanxiu Liu, Lei Song and Qing Nie


An Experimental Study on High Temperature Corrosion of TP347H Stainless Steel in Molten Chloride and Sulfate

Weixin Yu, Xi Chu, Huihui Zhang, Yue Shen, Kangning Tao and Jueyan Li


Influence of Semi Die Angle on the Forming Process of Ribbed Tube

Shengqiang Liu, Baoyu Wang and Wei Li


Experimental Study on the Properties of Copper Base Alloy by Laser Cladding on the Surface of Pure Copper Contact

Shouhong Xue, Baokun Li, Jiguang Wu, Lihong Ge, Zhengping Gao, Yaoguo Yang and Jiaxuan Li


Comparison of the Performance of the Two Dry Block Furnaces for RTC158B and Const660

Xia Zhao, Ying Wang, Jian Wu, Xin Jia and Qufei Shi


Effect of Mg Doping on SnO2 Energy Band and Power Conversion Efficiency of Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells

Hao Yang, Hao Fan and Junhong Duan


Effect of Heat Treatment Process and Composition on Deformation and Damage Behavior of WHA under Detonation Loading

J J Tang, Z F Liang and X Y Hu


Vibration Analysis of Hub Motor Based on ANSYS

Lin Li, Xueshi Yao, Xinghua Zhang, Xiaohua Zhong and Wanshen Xiao


Analysis on Leakage Characteristics of Labyrinth Piston Clearance in Reciprocating Labyrinth Compressor

Rui Huang, Junming Cheng, Tian xia and Quanke Feng


Study on Mix Proportion Optimization of C50 High Strength Concrete

Yunhua Wang, Fanji Cai, Qiong Wang, Dongfeng Li and Pan Guo


Effect of P + Sr + RE Ternary Compound Modification on Microstructure of Eutectic Al-13wt%Si Alloy

Shibin Liu, Jing Wang, Jianwei Xu and Xiangcai Meng


Influence of a High Static Magnetic Field on the Morphology of Primary Al3Fe Phase in Al-3%Fe Alloy

Fangwei Jin and Xueying Ji


New Method of Temperature and Strain Decoupling Based on Directivity of Fiber Bragg Grating Sensing

Xiao Huang, Zhenkun Jin and Qing Shen


Reliability Analysis on Domestic Special CNC Machine Tools Based on Weibull Distribution

Zhanghu Shi, Xi Zhao, Huang Zhang, Hailong Sun, Chao Zeng, Pei Lei, Xiaoxu He and Fengqin Xia


Application of Controllable Splitting Grouting Technology in Loess Foundation Reinforcement

Qingang Liu, Mingru Zhou, Lin Zhong, Shaofei Li and Yiming Chen


Study on Bearing Mechanism of Split Grouting Pile Based on Finite Element Simulation

Jinman Wang, Shaofei Li, Mingru Zhou, Lin Zhong and Yiming Chen


Optimal Design of Brake Disc Structures for Brake Squeal Suppression

Gongyu Pan, Zhikang Liu, Qizhao Xu and Lin Chen


Design of Low-Pressure Sand Casting Process for Water-Cooled Motor Shell in Electric Vehicle

Yanzhu Jin, Yulai Song, Yaohui Liu, Wei Cui and Chi Sun


Effect of Heat Treatment on Microstructure and Dimensional Stability of Y-Modified AlSi7Cu3Mg Alloy

Yanzhu Jin, Yulai Song, Yaohui Liu, Chi Sun and Junliang Dai


A Strain Rate Dependent Progressive Damage Model for Carbon Fiber Woven Composites under Low Velocity Impact

Xueyao Hu, Jiaojiao Tang, Wei Xiao and Kepeng Qu


Design and Theoretical Analysis of High-Static-Low-Dynamic Stiffness Torsion Vibration Isolator Based on Oblique Springs

Zhirong Yang, Lintao Li, Jiacheng Yao and Qingkai Wang


Research on Microstructure and Corrosion Behavior of Zinc-Magnesium Coating by Powder Impregnation

Qiuyuan Liu, Wendong Zhang, Juntao Jiang, Linjiang Yue, Wei Shen, Xin Liu, Sheming Jiang and Qifu Zhang


Numerical Simulation of Acoustic Scattering by a Cylinder Based on the Enhanced Optimized Scheme

Siqi Yuan, Ruixuan Ma, Conghai Wu and Shuhai Zhang


Study of Mechanical Behavior and Microstructure for Low-Hardness P92 Steel

Weixin Yu, Zhen Dai, Jifeng Zhao, Lulu Fang and Yiwen Zhang


Fatigue Modeling for Carbon Fiber/Epoxy Laminated Composites Considering Voids’ Effect

Haolong Liu, Xuming Su and Hongtae Kang


Design Based on Changing the Bucket of Small Hydraulic Excavator to Clamp Brick Machine

Huali Hu, Weizhen Chen, Rui Ji, Huadian Ban and Bingsen Chen


Coloring mechanism of micro arc oxidation coatings and its application

Wei Gao, Jiangnan Liu, Jian Chen, Yuhong Yao and Wei Yang


Research on Intelligent Control and Integration Technology for Visual Inspection of TEC Components

Zhishan Cai, Jiangwei Chen, Shaobin Yan, Shizhan Li and Tingdi Liao


Influence of Super Absorbent Polymer on the Sulfate Resistance of Cement Mortar

Meiyan Hang, Yubin Yang, Minghui Jiang, Chenggong Wang, Teng Cheng, Hao Wang and Gangming Zhou


Research on Erecting Joint and Dynamic Characteristics of Four-Hinge-Point Dual-Drive Missile

Chunjuan Shi, Zhiyong Sun, Gang Feng and Yongqiang Cheng


Microstructure and Corrosion Resistance of Fe-Cr-Si Alloys

Tie Yu Qin, Chun Yan Song, Ru Cheng Ma and Yong Liang Gui


Geometric Segmentation of 3D Scanned Surfaces for Multi-Sensor Coordinate Metrology

Zhiqiang Yu, Mao Zhang and Jiaoyu Xiao


Development and Test of Rubber Wheel Full Hydraulic Drill in Coal Mine

Fenglei Chen, Pengbo Xu, Song Wang and Zicheng Zhong


Research on Automatic Control Method of Motor Current in Distribution Network Based on Bionic Algorithm

Wei Yuan, Fan Liu, Quanzhi Chen and Pengfei Ye


Method for Determining the Boundary Condition of Heat Transfer in Mold for Slab Casting

Junli Guo, Jin Zou, Changlin Yang, Deping Lu and Lefei Sun


Study on the Synthesis Technology of High Molecular Weight Hydrophilic Polyether

Xin Zhao, Shirui Xu, Dandan Huang and Jinwei Ji


Analysis and Experimental Validation of the Tribological and Dynamic Characteristics of Journal Bearings

Xin Yang


Corrosion Behavior of 7075 and 2A12 Aluminum Alloys in Different Water Environments

Zhipeng Wu, Shan Wang and Nan Zhen


Design and Research on Shell Breaking Mechanism

Jinfeng Bao and Xiang Li


Study on Counter-Roller Spinning Technology of Large Diameter Aluminum Alloy Cylindrical Parts

Tao Huang, Bo Lu, Wei Luo, Jian Wang, Yaming Guo, Lijun Ma, Xiaoliang Ma and Shuai Ma


The Oxidation of SiC Fiber and SiC Fiber Reinforced Boron Phenolic Resin Composite

Li Wan, Chuang Dong, Ying Wang and Minxian Shi


Effects of Rare Earth Elements (Ce, Y) on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of P20 Die Steel

Dan Wu, Qiang Hu, Wei Chen, Deping Lu, Jin Zou, Junli Guo, Qi Liu and Lefei Sun


Research on the Operational Modal Prediction of Dry Gas Seal System Based on Response Surface Method

Yun Liu, Quanxing Liu, Guofu Yin and Xiaofeng Luo


Carburized Layer Cracking Analysis of Counterweight Blocks of Speed Controller

Tao Jiang, Bing Zhang, Yimeng Mao, Jiale Cheng and Xiaodong Shi


Theoretical and Numerical Analysis of the Fatigue Strength of Mechanical Material and Part under Uniaxial Stress

Ze Yang, Yiyong Yang, Jianyong Li, Linhong Ji and Jia Cheng


Research on Stability of Sand Core Handling Robot System Based on PID Control

Xianxin Lin, Guojin Li, Qian Su and Xi Li


Design and Research of Bearing Reliability Test Bed Based on Multi-Dimensional Vibration Loading

Yanzhong Wang and Shiyuan E


New Insights on Fine Equiaxed Zone of Laser Welded Al-Li Alloy

Yingkai Shao, Xiaoyan Li, Li Chen and Enguang He


High Strength and Ductility AlCrFeNiV High-Entropy Alloy Prepared by SLM

Ziwei Liu, Zhen Tan and Dingyong He


Microstructure Evolution and Growth Kinetics of Intermetallic Compounds in Cu/Sn/Cu System during Ultrasonic Soldering Process

Xu Han and Xiaoyan Li


On Simulation and Experiment of Flow Field of Combustion Coal Fallout Detection Instrument Based on CFD

Yaoshuo Sang, Qiunan Yan, Yong Liu, Long Zhang, Zhigang Li, Chao Ye and Chaohao Guo


Study on the Expansion of Primary Flow for the Mixing Uniformity in the Two-Phase Ejector

Lixing Zheng, Hongwei Hu and Changning Mi


Research of Pressure Fluctuation with Experiment and Numerical Simulation for Dredging Pump

Mingming Liu, Haifei Zhuang and Lei Cao


Analysis of Characteristics of Damping Valve Based on High-Order Discrete Scheme

Shichao Pan and Weimin Li


Optimization and Application of D850 Dredge Pump Blades under Medium Coarse Sand Condition of Cutter Suction Dredger

Haifei Zhuang, Mingming Liu and Yongding Wu


Focusing of Brownian Particles in a Fluid Induced by the Temperature Difference

Yuxiang Ying, Kaixuan Zheng and Deming Nie


Simulation Study on the Influence of Injector Coupling Leakage on Fuel Injection

Ziwei Zhang


Progress of Development and Application of Drag Reduction Agents for Slick-Water Fracturing

Ke Xu, Yongjun Lu, Jin Chang, Dingwei Weng and Yang Li


Investigation of Huge Wave in Gas-Liquid Two-Phase Churn Flow

S Zhang, Q Q Shao, B Hu and K Wang


Singularly Perturbed Solutions for a Class of Thermoelastic Weakly Coupled Problems

Liping Bao, Xin Shuai and Liqun Wu


Research on the Effect of Key Technological Parameters on Molten Pool during Selective Laser Melting Processing

Wentong Wang, Linfeng Tang, Congyan Chen, Yu Li and Tao Zhou


Preparation and Application of CQDs/Ni(OH)20.75H2O as Electrodes in Supercapacitors

Yunlong Zhou, Hanxiu Fu, Junwen Peng, Weize Chen, Kunfeng Cen, Jingru Lv and Xiaofen Cao


Study on the Calculation Method for Pumping Process in as Vacuum System

Si Huang, Jiawei Guo, Tiankun Yi, Songfeng Li and Taizhong Wu


Numerical Investigation on Radiation Effect in Transpiration Cooling

Kang Qian, Taolue Liu, Fei He, Meng Wang, Longsheng Tang and Jianxing Zhou


Numerical Comparison of Transpiration Cooling Designs Using Real Gas Effects and Approximate Gas Model

Meng Wang, Jianhua Wang, Fei He, Kang Qian, Yadong Wu and Guangsheng Zhu


Numerical Simulation of Adsorption and Heat Transfer in Porous Media Using Lattice Boltzmann Method

Jianhu Wang, Zhongdi Duan, Cheng Cheng and Wenyong Tang


Study on Influencing Factors and Laws of Fuel Injection Consistency of Common Rail Injector

Ziwei Zhang and Chunlong Xu


A Quantitative Study of Carmine Aqueous Solution Based on Drop-Coating Deposition Micro-Raman Spectroscopy (DCDR)

Wei Huang


Numerical Simulation of Internal Flow Field of Self-Designed Centrifugal Pump

Xin Wang, Jun Zhang and Zongshun Li


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